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True Friends

I find it amazing how in life we make friends who we think will be our best friends forever. BFFs!!!! Then, after years and years of that friendship, an event or situation occurs where you look at them and think, “What is WRONG with you?  Why would you do something so awful to me?  Why would you turn your back on me when I needed you most?”  It’s really hard when you KNOW you would never do the same to them nor ever turn your back on them, ever.

But then, for some reason, you get that call, that text, that email – the one that you just needed right at that moment, from your true friend, that makes it all better…

To me, there are several aspects of a true friend.  Websters defines TRUE as “real or genuine, steadfast, loyal, honest, just” and FRIEND as “a person who you like and enjoy being with, a favored companion, a person who helps or supports someone or something.”  To go a step further, FRIENDSHIP is then defined as “the relationship between friends, kindness or help given to someone.”

I think about the combination of those definitions and I think wow, how luck am I that I have true friends!  Yes, I can count them on one hand, but thank God for putting them in my life.  These true friends of mine don’t even know each other, have never met each other, have joined my journey at different times in my life, in different places in my life, and not one of them is like the other.  In fact, if they all met, I’m not even sure they’d be friends with each other!  But they are MY true friends, each one serving a different purpose in my world.  We can go without talking for months at a time, call each other, and pick it up like we had just talked yesterday.

My true friends have a few things in common – they would answer their phone at any time I called in a crisis.  They would listen to me as long as I needed them to.  They would offer advice and help (if they could).  They would always be honest with what they thought, even if they felt it would not make me happy, if they felt I needed to hear it.  They would keep my secrets to the grave.  But most important of all, no matter what I ever did, they would never, ever judge me. They know ME.  They know my heart.  They know my soul.  My true friends are real, genuine, steadfast, loyal, honest, and just.  They are my true life loves.

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