God Rang my Doorbell

How God continues to work in mysterious ways, just to remind us He is around.

Since I began helping with a children’s clothing ministry, I have seen numerous times how God interjects in the lives of people. Seeing the faces of children with an entirely new wardrobe their parents can afford because of the hard work we do is all the payment in the world, and it makes it all so rewarding. I can tell so many stories of things that have happened, events that have given us messages so crystal clear, people who have come into our lives in the strangest of circumstances, and how I feel God has put me in places I wasn’t supposed to be on purpose, not on accident, because someone needed to hear His word; and for some strange reason, I knew exactly what that word was that day. It was as if my lips were moving but I had no idea where the words were coming from.

Well, today, yet again, another event occurred to remind me that what we do is important, and that God is here and approving of our work. After staying up all night preparing for a garage sale to raise money to expand the clothing ministry, sweating all day in the heat, then packing and sorting everything left, the doorbell rang. No one was expecting anyone so we were suprised.

As I opened the door, three women asked if the garage sale was over. I said yes, but they were welcome to anything I had brought to the end of the driveway, as I would be taking it all to a donation station. I decided to talk to them to see if they needed anything in particular, and strangely enough they asked for scrubs. You see, it’s strange because we had been toting around this box of scrubs for weeks, and everyone we talked to did not need them. I showed them to the box with joy. They began picking through the items and one of them began to inform me they ran a children’s clothing ministry and needed boy’s pants and shirts in a certain size. This happened to be the exact size we were trying to get rid of. They worked at a nursing home and I asked if they had others there who could also use the remaining scrubs and they said yes. I gave them cards for our ministry, the scrubs, and told them I’d call them when I got the boys’ clothing together. We each had a need, and with the ring of a doorbell, both needs were met. Amazing…

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