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Why do you need a promo video for your website?

You’ve just created a website for your company selling your services, products, etc.  You have included photos and several pages of explanatory information.  Yet, you’re not getting as much business as you expected.  One thing to consider is adding a promotional video to your website.  While you may be selling a product or service, you are also selling yourself, as well.  Having an introductory video helps to put a face to the name, something the public can better relate to.  People tend to be very visual, and visual images help your audience related more to your site.

Promotional videos can work exactly like a television commercial, without the cost.  They can be sent via email, embedded into social media sites, etc.  If you have the proper Search Engine Optimization set up, your website has 50% more of a chance of appearing on the first result page of a Google search.  This can only lead to more traffic to your site and more business.

Promotional videos can cover anything from the history of the beginning of your company, to how your product works, to what is contained in the rest of your website.  No matter the purpose, you cannot beat the cost of this highly effective tool.  Just like commercials, information becomes face-to-face with potential customers.  If your website is complex, an introductory promotional video could give an overview to what to expect inside each page.  With the average attention span of a person being only two minutes, an interesting “cover to your book” promotional video could be the solution to drawing your target audience in to perusing your site.

Yes, websites can be effective and interactive and informative, but a promotional video brings everything to life.  With no additional costs to add this highly effective tool, one should definitely consider it a necessary part of their company setup, branding, and marketing.

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