Review in the Works: Making Money Online

Why? Covid, that’s why! By now you have all realized that everyone is now working from home. I don’t need to give you all the statistics because you can research that and find out the numbers of people who now finally trust their employees to do what they were doing at the office, only at home where they save money and have less stress, etc. So I am going to review some of the sites that I have come upon with the truth in my reviews because I don’t make any money off of these sites by reviewing them. I’m going to join them to see if they keep my interest, see if they actually pay any money, see how easy or hard they are to use, and I’ll give you the truth about all of that and more. If you have a site that you want to give input on or have me join and review , just leave me a comment at the bottom and hopefully I see it in my million notifications and will get to it as soon as possible. Since I am ill and in the bed trying to get ready to be alive again, I actually have the time to do this without guilt. So here we go:


***But first-some TIPS***
1. Before you use any app, read reviews on the app store and several places. Be sure you get a good, overall, RECENT picture of the company.

2. Read ALL if the terms and conditions YOU KNOW WHY! (Best line ever in a movie…)

3. Have a PayPal account set up and active for payments.

4. These will not make you rich. Stay on top of notifications to make money.

5. Calendar the payout dates and make sure you get paid at each time you can – when there is a minimum amount – each time.


Inbox dollars




User Testing


Field Agent

Task rabbit


Survey junkie



Google opinion Rewards

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