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Dealing with Difficult People

In life, we will always encounter difficult people.  It is a given.  We cannot avoid them.  Since we already know we have no control over other people and we are only able to control our own reaction to others, we must prepare ourselves for when we encounter difficult people. First, try to figure out what… Continue reading Dealing with Difficult People

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List of Advice on Men…

I would love to take credit for writing this list, but alas, I cannot… However, it is too good not to share and expand upon, which I did.  I admit, I did take out the ones I didn’t agree with and changed around others I felt needed some tweaking. So here is the list with… Continue reading List of Advice on Men…


God Rang my Doorbell

How God continues to work in mysterious ways, just to remind us He is around. Since I began helping with a children's clothing ministry, I have seen numerous times how God interjects in the lives of people. Seeing the faces of children with an entirely new wardrobe their parents can afford because of the hard… Continue reading God Rang my Doorbell