FORMAL DEMAND LETTER LOGISTICS: Vessel:  M/V 3849583958 Cargo:  Prime rolled concrete reinforcing deformed steel bars produced from billet steel via conventional air cooled process.  Included 3021 bundles, 3,605,559 metric tons. Bill of Lading:  d8g002830 B/L Date:  11/9/06 Deal/Lot/P.O. No.:  938472940 Port of Loading:  Bourgas, Bulgaria Port Discharge:  Houston, Texas Shippers:  Shmittening Inc. Damage:  Physical damage… Continue reading FORMAL DEMAND LETTER



No.  XX-XX-XX-X-CV IN THE FIRST COURT OF APPEALS HOUSTON, TEXAS XXXX X XXX, M.D., Appellant, v. XXXXX XXXX, Appellee. Appealed from the 61st Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas Cause No. 2007-XXXXX The Honorable John Donovan BRIEF OF APPELLANT XXXX X XXX, M.D. XXXX  XXXX  XXXX E. P. State Bar No. J.G.M. State Bar… Continue reading IN THE FIRST COURT OF APPEALS

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How to Make Your Own Bug out Bag

Many companies offer complete kits and pre packed Bug out Bags, but only you know what you and your loved ones will need in an emergency situation.  Only you know what types of disasters or emergencies occur in your specific area, where you may have to evacuate to, and what you need in your bag… Continue reading How to Make Your Own Bug out Bag