Because my brain is full of them… secret recipes, family recipes, my made up recipes… all in my head…

People ask me for them, but I decline. It’s MY recipe! How stingy I am! Well, my daughter has threatened me already that she must be told before I tell anyone else. I learned a long time ago that you can sit there and measure ingredients all you want, but you should get to the point when you just know. However, that’s when you make up recipes and cannot tell others how much of this or that.

Funny story: grandma Belle’s spaghetti sauce – legendary! I made her tell me. Ha! As I stand tall enough to see into the large pot on the stove, she says this,

“Pour the garlic powder on the top until you can’t see any red.”

I kid you not!

So forgive me if many of mine are like that. I cannot remember the last time I used a measuring spoon. Maybe if I was eating and we had no clean spoons or I didn’t wanna unload the dishwasher. But to measure? Nah. Your taste buds do the measuring. Experience does the measuring. So if you’re interested in any of my secret recipes, subscribe and you’ll get notified when I add more! ENJOY!