To myself, I’m just an everyday, normal person living a very non-normal life.  No matter who I meet or where I am, as I’m speaking with others, I constantly hear, “You should really write about that!” So, I started putting my words and thoughts in little notebooks, a LOT of little notebooks.  I have boxes of them.  Looking back through them I find the most interesting things that continue to be important to myself and others still today.  I would love to share those things with those who are interested.

Being one with A.D.D., I often find myself with 15 tabs open at once because of the tangents I get redirected to via links I find interesting.  That’s how my life is…  Fifteen thoughts at once, fifteen tasks at once, maybe some get completed, maybe some do not.  That’s me.  I carry my notebook at all times and I write everything down.  I research everything I do, buy, think about, and have those notes as well.  I’m sure you’ll find this blog site as random as I find my brain thoughts during every waking hour.  But at the end of the day, the information I share is complete to the best of MY knowledge. I hope you enjoy my random thoughts and maybe learn something along the way.  

Personally, I’ve worked in so many different fields in my lifetime, I’ve raised three children and now I’m raising a granddaughter.  I have good days and bad just like others.  I’m a free spirit, a lover of all, seeker of the sunny days, and hoping for a cure for my illnesses I’ve suffered with for over 20 years.  I will also share that journey with you of being a highly successful professional, being struck down will a debilitating list of illnesses, doctors misdiagnosing me over and over and over, only to find a miracle doctor who cared.  I’ll share my journey of what NOT to do while seeking answers, and my journey of trying to heal my finally diagnosed Lyme Disease, seeking normalcy once again.

I’ll add tabs here and there, just like my brain does. In the back of one of my notebooks I have a list of “what I want to be when I grow up.” At age 50+, I’m not finished with my life and I feel there are so many things yet to do. They range from learning about genetic research to creating an organizer for different psychological aspects of the lives of people, based on their personality types and needs. In between all of that, I love to draw and design and help people brand a business. So I do that, too!

Life is too short to do just one thing, in my opinion! I am not sure where I will end up next, but it will be amazing, and probably not the last thing I do! Maybe I will blog about it – yeah!

“How Adasha found her purpose…”

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